Free download of Vesica Piscis’s Optical Mystic:

I’m unable to imbed the player at this point, but this is a link to MIDI of six pieces:

“Girls” and “Ambience 2” are minimalist, loop-based pieces in mixed meter that layer various polyrhythmic melodies to create a kind of aural fabric.

“Smythm” is a nod to my composition teacher, Charles Smith.  It’s a modified sonata form written for two marimbas.

“For Lena” is written for vibraphone and string orchestra.  Like the movements of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, it is songlike and repeats three times with no variation.

The marimba quartet is a theme and variations.

“Harps 2” is a minimalist piece for two pianos or keyboards, preferably for a piano and a Fender Rhodes.

Studio recording of “Frog’s Puzzle Box”: Jason on drums, guitar, synth bass, and vibes with Pospulenn:

Live recording of Jason playing drums on five songs with Country/Rock outfit Monroe Station:


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